About Us

We at Standard Burger believe that there is a real need in America to feel comfort again and there is nothing more comforting than a good old-fashioned American Hamburger.  It takes you back to the times of your childhood where a great day could be had just by eating the food that you loved and who but Standard Burger to bring you back to that perfect place. There is much to be said about the way a truly perfectly prepared juicy hamburger can make you feel and we at Standard burger are here to deliver just that. We are foodies here ourselves and love nothing more than providing the freshest ingredients that we carefully select and combine to perfection to an experienced public that we know have nothing but the highest standards! That is why when you have a Standard Burger it will be just that, an experience! After years of development traveling far and wide to put together a truly remarkable vision, Standard Burger has arrived at a comfort food masterpiece. We have commissioned the finest culinary minds and cultivated the purest of ingredients to put together the most absolute standard in burgers and accompaniments.  There are many ways to enjoy a good burger, but if you expect the best in culinary art and want a fantastic meal for a valued price, the Standard is here!  We are not asking you to give us a try; we are telling you that you absolutely must! Have some Standards please… Eat at SB’s President and CEO    

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